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in Trauma

Find yourself wanting more and not sure where to turn? We take state of the art research and develop it into strategies that work effectively for those with trauma histories as well as with those working with clients with significant issues.

We will train and supervise you to become an effective and mindful clinician. For more information on how you can become the clinician you’ve always wanted to be, contact us to develop your personalized professional development.

Debi can provide trainings, workshops, or consultation.
Topics to choose from include:

  • Traumatology—The Study of Trauma
  • Trauma and the Brain
  • Is there hope for me? Will I ever be healed from my past?
  • Understanding adoption through the lens of a trauma history
  • The Successful Traits of An Adoptive Family
  • Trauma and Relationships
  • The Mirage of More: How to Be Content
  • Emotional Regulation
  • Taming my Anger by Understanding My Brain
  • How to Prevent Placement Disruptions from an Agency Perspective
  • How to Create a Healing Home Environment
  • Parenting Children with Attachment Insults
  • Understanding Trauma From a Global or Individual View
  • Vicarious Trauma: What it is and isn’t!
  • Mindfulness—the Road to Physical and Emotional Health
  • Reflective Leadership
  • Essential Qualities of Effective Teamwork
  • How to Raise Accountable Children
  • Grieving: A Journey