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& Family Trauma

Abuse, Adoption, Mental Illness, Stress, Violence

Do you find yourself stuck, unable to move forward in your career or relationships? Are you unable to determine what to do or how to respond? You can trust us to help you in your journey of self-awareness that will take you down the path of emotional, relational, and spiritual growth. Many families and professionals experienced healing and growth through our support and training.

Perhaps you are struggling with a child you adopted; you feel that you have more questions than answers and don’t know where to turn. Consider contacting us as we can help to illuminate your path toward understanding and eventual healing. We combine an understanding of the brain, current research, past experience, and insight to be part of your journey.

Family trauma may include military deployments, natural disasters, substance abuse, mental illness, or health concerns. Trauma effects children’s development, family relationships, physical, cognitive, and emotional development.

Our experience can add significantly to your desire to move through your trauma history or in your efforts to parent a child with a trauma history. We’ve experienced multiple levels of effectiveness in working with various populations and desire to be a resource for you.

Most individuals plan to adopt so that they can add to their family through their commitment of love; many find themselves overwhelmed, scared, frustrated, and disillusioned from what they thought their experience would be. Out of their fear and disillusionment, parents may find themselves questioning their decision to adopt. While in the midst of their struggles, they can learn about current strategies of intervention that are suited to their particular situation. These strategies are practical, holistic, helpful, and relational. The focus is on equipping the parents by processing through their fears, questions, hurts, and history. As the parents’ competence and confidence grow, their ability to respond to their child from a place of love improves. Every child deserves the opportunity to heal in the context of safety, stability, and predictability.