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Trauma Education

Trauma reaches into many domains of our personal and professional lives. Many experience trauma due to their childhood, relationships, adoption, or vocations. Whatever brought you face to face with trauma... there is hope: hope for healing and for growth.
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Trauma Training

Find yourself wanting more and not sure where to turn? We take state of the art research and develop it into strategies that work effectively for those with trauma histories as well as with those working with clients with significant issues.
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I respect that you're a woman of great integrity. I respect that you are a woman of strong faith and that you're not afraid to share that. I respect that you are a woman who hurts. I respect that y...
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Welcome to the

Trauma Training Institute

Frustrated with the lack of effective treatment strategies, combined with years of experience in working with children, families, and individuals, Debi Grebenik’s vision provided hope for those looking for answers. This hope developed from an understanding of current research trends and the experience gained from her professional experience and from working with families in her private practice. Through a series of events in her personal life, combined with her frustration that children with abuse histories weren’t getting better, Debi began her quest to understand trauma which led her to study, learn, and subsequently teach what she discovered. It seemed that people talked about trauma on a cognitive level and minimal understanding was apparent. It wasn’t until Debi was challenged by another clinician to dig deep into her own fears that she began this journey of working with and understanding those with trauma histories. Now she can’t imagine doing anything else.

Her uncanny ability is evident as she works with individuals and families to understand and integrate the reality of trauma so they move toward growth and healing. Debi also incorporates her personal experiences which gives her credibility and compassion. Her sensitivity, combined with her sense of humor, underscores all that she undertakes.

Trauma is a part of our everyday lives. It can be as seemingly insignificant as a spilled cup of coffee, or it can be as life altering as war. An earthquake, a fire, abuse, neglect, car accidents – there are a multitude of experiences that affect us. The Trauma Training Institute (TTI) seeks to teach everyone affected to integrate these experiences into their lives as a means of growth and healing.

Most children and adults experience traumatic events, but not all events create lasting maladaptive responses. Some events are processed without any lingering effects, while others may create developmental delays, emotional constriction, or psychic numbing. It is these inhibiting responses that can impair intimate relationships, create emotional dysregulation, develop into physical symptoms, or generate development disruptions. To survive and heal, we must sense, process, store, and respond to the effects that trauma has on our lives.

In this journey to process through our trauma, an understanding of the brain is imperative because the brain shapes our perceptions and responses to future relationships and events. This journey of understanding is crucial to working with those with trauma histories. Whether you are an adoptive parent who adopted a child with a trauma history, you married someone with an abusive past, you experienced your own trauma history, or you are a professional working in the field with traumatized clients, the TTI will inform, equip, train, and support you in your journey of understanding trauma.

Contact TTI for more information on how you can begin the path of understanding and integrating your trauma history into your life. You no longer have to wait or struggle to experience your own post-traumatic growth and healing, or the healing of those close to you.